I’ve worked for PR and advertising agencies in Hamburg (Germany) before I moved to Aarhus (Denmark). Now, I’m helping Scandinavian brands to market themselves on the German market. And I’m helping German brands to get the latest news and hottest trends from Scandinavia.

My ABOUT page is the most viewed page on my website. So it better be a good one. Not as easy as it seems. I only have 15 seconds to make you stay. To make it or break it, so to say. 15 seconds where you decide whether you’re curious enough to hang around or ready to jump off.

How To Put A 30-Something-Life in Boxes?

Time is ticking. And clearly not in my favour. ‘Cause how to put a 30-something life in boxes, when the thing you love the most is thinking outside the box? Some smart people say that your ABOUT should be interesting and fun, yet informative and simple. To me this sounds a bit like a bad buffet (Side Note: not that I ever tasted a good one).

You get everything from Pizza to Sushi, from Danish Pastries to German Pretzels. And everything tastes a bit “tjah…”.

So be warned: I’m not here to be Everybody’s Darling. Not here to offer you everything from the buffet. Yndlingsting, YNDSIDER and my YNDLETTER are not for everyone. Instead of the buffet, consider this as an invite to the Exclusive Organic Dinner Club.

We All Vote With Our Money. Always

Then what are you doing? Food? No. I do Marketing and PR. Mainly. But I consider my skills as an organic 3-course menu with a seasonal twist. And that seasonal twist is you. You can go for the starter (e.g. Copywriting), the full menu (e.g. project management) or just the desert, that makes your customers’ mouth water (e.g. PR).

Speaking of seasonal twist. Nature and sustainability are my favourite. And sports. But without nature, there is no sports or life for that matter. Can you imagine that by 2050 there is more micro-plastic in the oceans than fish? That sh*t scares me. So whenever I can promote and support sustainability, I do. ‘Cause there is no Planet B and we all vote with our money. Always.

Forget About Quick-Fixes And Fast Money

But this also means that we have to change our behaviour and mindset. That we only consume what we need. Better eat up (and refill if necessary) instead of filling the whole plate only to throw half of it away. This is true for all our decisions. And I’d like you to make conscious decisions. To see the long-term goals and benefits. Not the quick-fixes and fast money.

So how would you describe your business? Well, I do think and I do design. And then I think design and end up designing my thinking. You see what I mean, when I say I can’t put my skills into boxes? It’s because all of this and all of me is a creative playground.

Are You In For A Playdate? Then meet your mates here.

  • Nele Sienknecht
  • Born in the 80's
  • From Germany
  • Located in Denmark since 2010
  • Educated: I guess (BA Media Information // Journalism, MA Corporate Communication)
  • Freestyle Skills in Surfing, Skiing & Yoga
  • Affair Of The Heart: Sustainability & The Slow Living Lifestyle


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