Gut Feeling Where Are You?

Gut Feeling Where Are You?

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Gut feeling where are you? Are you hidden behind Starbucks Coffee and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Behind Fast Fashion T-Shirts, H&M sweaters and Made in China jackets? Carefully tied together with a plastic belt imported from Indonesia to make sure we can’t hear you?

Walking through the streets I see people around me wearing the same, standing hours in line for buying the same, drinking the same, doing the same, acting the same…

What happened to the child in us that doesn’t care about what others think? That falls in love with people and things without any prejudices or reservations. Where are our individualists and lateral thinkers that dare to be different and add so much creativity to our society?

How Come We Ended Up In A People-Pleasers World?

In my last post about The Essence of Yndlingsting Or Why I Started My Own Business I already talked about the one thing that frustrates me. That we ended up in a People-Pleasers World. And I really wonder how come we ended up here? Why is it that we love thinking in boxes and putting people we know or even don’t know into them?

I’m not sure I have the answer. But what I found out when I was writing my thesis on Debranding (that is removing all visual identity from a product or brand) is that we are too busy. We are so busy in our daily life that we are making our decisions based on convenience. We choose what is familiar or what others tell us to choose so that we don’t have to bother about our choices or even have to explain why we made them. And gosh, it makes me so angry! I mean sure, sometimes the easy way out is the only way out. And I am no different. But having this as a permanent state of mind? No way!

So people, slow down and release your gut feeling!


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