It Ain’t Me, It’s My Pitta!

It Ain’t Me, It’s My Pitta!

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 – a not too serious introduction to my newly met inner fire

Yesterday, I had the chance to finally catch up with my dear friend Nelli (if you haven’t met her yet, make sure to check her out).

But she didn’t come alone. With her she brought my dosha or vital energy pitta.

“What nonsense!” you might think and I absolutely get you on this. That was the very first thing coming to my mind as well. But she made me taking the test to find out which one of the three energies is predominant.

I can tell you, I’ve never been more surprised. Not so much about the outcome (obviously I am pitta) but how much these energies tell us about our behaviours, qualities and personalities.

Very briefly, Ayurveda distinguishes between three body types, also called dosha.

We all do have elements of all types in us. However, it is most likely that one or two are predominant.

  • Vata

Movement and change describes this body type best. When balanced Vatas are easily excitable, lively and creative. Unbalanced their thoughts are running, jumping from A to B and they might feel restless.

  • Pitta

Fire and Water. When balanced Pittas are ambitious, quick learners and joyful. “Overheated” pittas tend to be impatient and grumpy, especially when they skipped a meal.

  • Kapha

Stable and warm, some may even call them slow. But they’re not. Kaphas are just slow-starters yet very understanding and easy-going. When unbalanced they’re likely to be resistant to change, can get depressive and rather stay on the couch.

There are a thousands of sites linking to the three doshas. If you’re curious you can test yourself here

So let me introduce you to my newly met vital energy pitta and some of its characteristics that are very true (at least for me).


“Let’s go somewhere warm!” Says My Pitta. NEVER.

I can’t stay heat. Apparently pitta’s predominant element is fire, meaning we have a warm body temperature by nature. Going somewhere very warm unbalances the pitta, turning me into short-tempered human being. So take me somewhere cold, preferably surfing or skiing. And guess what? That are two of my favourite sports to do.

“Let’s do this! Preferably my way or the high way!” Says My Pitta. OCCASSIONALLY.

Since pittas have a sharp intellect, we are ambitious and passionate when it comes to almost anything we do. We are competitive by nature and when unbalanced, we tend to become impatient, perfectionist and irritated by people that either can’t keep up our pace or don’t work the way we do. So, yes “my way or the high way” is something that hits me on occasions.

“Bring it on!” Says My Pitta. ALWAYS.

You want to challenge me? Bring it on. Due to the high energy level, pittas like a good challenge and pushing to boundaries. And it’s true. I like taking a risk or two. If people say “You can’t” it most likely encourages me to proof them wrong. As a pitta, I do have a strong inner drive, keeping me motivated. But it also makes me overly active at times. I guess that’s why I like sports so much.

I enjoyed this self-discovery quite a lot and had a good laugh on how true some characteristics are. I don’t think you have to take all this too seriously. However, I find it quite interesting to look at myself and the people around me, having in mind that maybe it’s not them or me talking but the energy (balanced or unbalanced) inside of us.

And of course I am curious to know:

1. What’s your predominant energy (if you know it)?

2. What’s the characteristic that describes you the most?

Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Sending lots of energy,


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