Personal Practices Towards Success

Personal Practices Towards Success

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My Personal Practices Towards Success

If you’re looking for a Step-by-Step Guide on “How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Overnight”, this blog post isn’t for you.

Why? Because I don’t believe “overnight success”. I’m here for the long run. I believe that a solid and profound foundation is the key to success. So I got interviewed by my little brother Jos for the BTH’s Master Programme in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability as they wanted hear about my personal practices towards success. WOW! What an honour! I’m happy to the bones as they should interview someone

you admire for the contribution they make to society through their work/ life/ lifestyle about the personal practices they use to support them in making this contribution.

I mean, can someone get a bigger compliment? Probably not. Thanks you, little brother! I’m proud of you,too!

Hang on to read part of the interview below and learn about my personal practices towards success.

You might be surprised how ridiculously basic my practice is.

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