The Essence of Yndlingsting or Why I started My Own Business

The Essence of Yndlingsting or Why I started My Own Business

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To Susanne and Dave

Back in 2013 I wasn’t happy with what was going on with my life. I graduated from Aarhus University in June 2012 with a Master in Corporate Communication and had my first “real” job as a marketing assistant. But I wasn’t happy. Like NOT HAPPY AT ALL. I always used to find joy in being outdoors, being active, being with friends and socialize with others. But all of that stopped while I was working at my first position. I mean, I still did all those things but I not longer found joy while doing so.


Because the company I worked for lacked proper work ethics and professionalism, creating a working environment which was in the long run insupportable. Don’t get me wrong, I learnt some good life lessons and found friends, who are still dear to me today, but I felt my spirit and enthusiasm being gradually extinguished. So I left. I listened to my gut feeling and did what my parents taught me to do in life: I did what I felt was the right thing do to for me. I left the company without having a new job.

I faced a lot of understanding and support but I sure met a lot of lack of understanding as well. People would tell me it couldn’t be “that bad” and I was making money and all that. I tried to explain that I was looking for more in a job, in life, in general and that my goal in life is to be happy but they won’t understand. And it took me some time to let go and to understand that their opinion doesn’t matter to me nor should it.

So here I was with no job, shocked that a company with such attitude even exists, a damaged spirit and two questions: Why Me? and What Now?

Why Me?

Well, that question still is unanswered. I am not quite sure if I ever will find an answer or if I even want to.

What Now?

Well, although it is more complex, it also it a bit easier to answer. To speed the story up. I attended a course on how to be(come) an entrepreneur and build your own business. Because one thing was certain, I would do what it takes to be my own boss, creating my own working environment. An environment that was healthy, creative and good for me. During that seminar I found what today is the essence of Yndlingsting. I found out that one thing really pisses me off: People today have become People-Pleasers. They take other people’s opinion, making decisions based on what others say and seem to forget about their own values and wishes, what matters to them and what they love.

So I decided to change that. I decided that my purpose in life is to be more me and inspire others like you to be more you. And that is the essence of Yndlingsting: to be more you! And I decided to combine this essence with my passion to be creative. And that’s how it started. That’s the essence of Yndlingsting and Why I started My Own Business.

And while writing all this, I came across this quote from Scott Stable:

Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren’t your problems. You stay kind, committed to love and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say, don’t you doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth. Just keep shining like you always do.”

Be More You,