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What Do People Thank Me For?

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To Nelli Day 3 of the Living Your Legend Blog Challenge So, I set myself on a Blog challenge I came across while listening to Scott Dinsmore’s TED TALK on How to Find & Do Work You Love. The Blog … Read More

Gut Feeling Where Are You?

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Gut feeling where are you? Are you hidden behind Starbucks Coffee and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Behind Fast Fashion T-Shirts, H&M sweaters and Made in China jackets? Carefully tied together with a plastic belt imported from Indonesia to make … Read More

The Essence of Yndlingsting or Why I started My Own Business

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To Susanne and Dave Back in 2013 I wasn’t happy with what was going on with my life. I graduated from Aarhus University in June 2012 with a Master in Corporate Communication and had my first “real” job as a … Read More

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