Value Board – How To Create A Life You Love

Value Board – How To Create A Life You Love

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How To Create The Life You Love

Let Your Values Be Your Compass

We are all dreaming of living a life we love. Of just being happy in and with the life we have. But how can we create a life we love? Well, I have a good and a bad news for you. The bad news is: It won't happen on it's own. The good news: YOU have all the ingredients and CAN make it happen.
How? By making a value board about things or rather values important to you.

Vision vs. Value Board

Some of you might know vision boards from the company you're working for. Those vision boards are guiding us towards what we want to be or achieve and that's great. Those vision boards help us to achieve our goals. BUT. What happens once we achieved those goals? Most likely, we will stop working for them as much as we did in the beginning. And that's where the value board comes in. You can never fully achieve your values the same way as you can reach goals or visions. You can work towards them and change habits in order to get a close as possible. But it will never be 100%. Let me give you an example: Let's say you're a mom or dad with kids. One of your core values is to be free (the definition of freedom is totally up to you). You can work towards freedom (whatever that is to you) but you can never be free a 100% because you're bound to your family. See the difference?

How To Make a Value Board

Firstly, we have to understand that 90% of our choices are made subconsciously. We're choosing one thing over the other because we're on autopilot. So, in order to create a life we love, we have to create habits that support our values. Next, you have to find out what your core values are. Choose 3-5 otherwise it can get overwhelming. Core values can be anything: creative, free, spontaneous, healthy, independent, adventurous, love, friendship, stable... Ask google if you're in doubt. There're tons of values lists out there. For some, a short list with their core values is just what they need. Others (me included) might like visual boards like pin boards. Here you can pin anything related to your core values: pictures, quotes, post cards, something you read in the papers. Anything goes.

For more inspiration and my value board 2018, visit my Pinterest Value Board

How To Create A Life We Love

Once you've chosen your core values, you need to ask yourself two questions:

  1. What kind of beliefs or convictions are helping me in order to live up to my core values?
  2. What kind of habits are appropriate?

Make some notes on both questions because now the hard work starts. You have to change your habits and behaviour in order to work towards your core values. Start by taking it week by week. Write down your intentions for the following week, make a note on how your progress has been without judging whether it is good or bad. The most important thing is to get you started. And to change your current habits. Because remember: 90% of our decisions are based on our habits. So, change your habits so that they match your values and you are already creating the life you love.


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