What Do People Thank Me For?

What Do People Thank Me For?

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To Nelli

Day 3 of the Living Your Legend Blog Challenge

So, I set myself on a Blog challenge I came across while listening to Scott Dinsmore’s TED TALK on How to Find & Do Work You Love.

The Blog challenge is about creating a writing habit that eventually removes barriers and helps you to share your work.

Now, today is Day 3 and I am encouraged to think about the following “What do people thank you for?

And I have to be honest, this writing prompt truly is a challenge. My first thoughts where “How to put it without sounding arrogant, cocky and snobbish?” And “Are those things coming to my mind really what people do thank me for or is it something I’d like to see them being thankful for?” Kind of a dilemma I’m in, right?

What Do People Thank Me For?

Here’s what I did: I decided to give a sh… about what others might think and instead looked into my messages to see if I can find some information there. It’s very personal but here’s what my good friend Nelli recently sent me the following message after a weekend at her house:

“It’s utterly liberating to have you in my network. I don’t think there are a lot of people who have the courage to tell me their honest opinion, especially when it comes to my own business. And that’s what’s so cool about you and you should know that I really appreciate our conversations. They make me think about of lot of things…”

Isn’t my friend just the best? Love you, Nelli!

I guess what I found out while going through my messages was that people thank me for being honest, inspirational, making them think about things they haven’t thought of before, being different and a bit crazy.

Well, I might leave this post as it without adding more because I’m really thankful and proud.



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