YNDletter #1

YNDletter #1

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YNDletter #1

I created YNDSIDER’s because I had enough.

Enough of that there wasn’t a platform allowing me to be me. Allowing me to complain. To Fail. To speak my truth. With my own voice. To say things the way they are. For me. Without anybody telling me “You can’t say that” or “You might want to consider this, because others might think that…” ENOUGH. NO MORE. It’s time to Celebrate Failure & the Liberation of Complaining.

Don’t act like a baby

Speaking of which: Have you ever looked for inspiring complaining quotes on Pinterest?

If not, here’s what you get: “Complaining never makes anything better” OR “Be thankful and stop complaining” OR “Don’t complain; just work harder” Oh, that’s so great, people. Thank you! I think you just forgot to mention “Don’t act like a baby” or “Don’t make yourself the victim”. I believe none of them ever looked at the very meaning of complaining

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