It Ain’t Me, It’s My Pitta!

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¬†– a not too serious introduction to my newly met inner fire Yesterday, I had the chance to finally catch up with my dear friend Nelli (if you haven’t met her yet, make sure to check her out). But she … Read More

Why Running Behind Gets You Ahead Of The Game

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I believe everybody knows that feeling of running behind in life. The feeling that everybody around you is much further ahead and you are the one that constantly is behind, trying to keep up their pace. They have more followers, … Read More

Chest Out, Chin Up, SuperWoman

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Chest Out I am SuperWoman! Seriously, I am. Wait, you don’t believe me? But I am. I accomplished something I am very proud of. I re-located in a foreign country without knowing anybody. I moved from Hamburg to Aarhus for … Read More

What Do People Thank Me For?

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To Nelli Day 3 of the Living Your Legend Blog Challenge So, I set myself on a Blog challenge I came across while listening to Scott Dinsmore’s TED TALK on How to Find & Do Work You Love. The Blog … Read More

Gut Feeling Where Are You?

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Gut feeling where are you? Are you hidden behind Starbucks Coffee and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Behind Fast Fashion T-Shirts, H&M sweaters and Made in China jackets? Carefully tied together with a plastic belt imported from Indonesia to make … Read More

The Essence of Yndlingsting or Why I started My Own Business

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To Susanne and Dave Back in 2013 I wasn’t happy with what was going on with my life. I graduated from Aarhus University in June 2012 with a Master in Corporate Communication and had my first “real” job as a … Read More

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