With all my heart I believe we need to spend more time offline and less time online. We have so much to be grateful for. Here. In real life. And yet, we’re chasing likes and followers that are hidden behind square screens. What we really need?

People who are getting under our skin and into our heart.

A random chat with a stranger that may change our life. An unexpected gesture making our day a bit brighter. Real connections. With ourselves and others. Sending emojis and likes is easy. Facing real life emotions and going the extra mile for one another is hard. But with all my heart, I believe. We still can do this.

And that's what YNDSIDER is about.

Connecting. Going the extra mile. So that we can find back. To ourselves. To one another. To nature.

What You Get

  • Every month you'll receive an exclusive newsletter right into your inbox
  • Every 4th month (January, April, August, December) you’ll receive 3 limited postcards

How It Works

  • One card is from me to you. From my heart to yours. Keep that one.
  • One card, I want you to give to close friend. From your heart to your friend’s.
  • One card, I want you to give to a stranger. Or someone you don’t know all too well. Could be your coworker, friend’s friend, trainings buddy from the gym... Do this as a random act of kindness. Because you never know. That gesture might be just what s/he needed.

How To Join

  • Being an YNDSIDER costs 6,99 €/ month
  • Press "Join YNDSIDERs" to be the next
  • A pop-up opens where you have to enter your payment details
  • After the succesful payment you will receive a registration email
  • Finish your registration
  • YNDSIDERs can be cancelled any time