Y-N-D-L-I-N-G… Sorry! How you say it?

Think of it as Ün-links-ting. It’s Danish and means favourite thing. Where yndlings=favourite and ting=thing. But don’t you worry. Even the Danes get it wrong. Some refer to my brand as ynglingsting. Well, yngling=youngling/ virgin. And that’s slightly different… #FreudianSlip #filthymind

Speaking of links (German for left. I’ll get back to that later...), I’m a lefty.

If you’re a righty (and chances are 9:1), thinking your world is strange. Have you ever

  • tried holding your iPhone in the left hand and clicking the two Volume buttons with two fingers? (Yup. Ain’t possible! With a thumb.)
  • been asked “Oh, so you’re a righty?” when you’re taking notes, eating or generally sitting next to another person? (That’s what I thought!)
  • visited a restaurant and the first thing you do is moving the glass to the right side? (Which of course is the left side)

You’re a lefty, too? High Five, Honey & Welcome to the Squad!

Behind Yndlingsting, is me, Nele Sienknecht.

Not only am I a lefty but also German. I left (omg, please stop me from making another bad left-right joke or send me an email for more jokes) Hamburg in 2010, moved to Aarhus and have lived here ever since.

Marketing and Design is my thing. And I can get absolutely nerdy about both. Noticed the little word play going on here? Links, lings, thing, ting…

Don’t waste your time, trying to find me on 21st century marketing tools like Facebook.

I’m not on it. Why? Because I can’t stand small talk. Or anything superficial. I want to get real with the people around me. Under your skin and into your heart.

That’s why I most likely start making faces when I hear the word “networking”. Don’t get me wrong. I like connecting with people (in fact, I’d love to connect with YOU). I just have enough of the “Wanna Buy An Eight, Earnie?” Sesame-Street-kind-of-networking. I want real connections with real people.

So I started YNDSIDERs. ‘Cause sometimes, life just gives you the middle finger! And we need to talk about this. No more sweeping things under the rug, Sweetie! Time to celebrate failure and the liberation of complaining!

In case you’re worrying. Even though I’m not on Facebook, I still get all the invites to all the parties/ weddings/ baby showers. People phone me, text me, send me postcards.

And I do, too. Sending real letters. Delivered by your postman. Yes, the postman. The one you haven't seen for years because everything’s digital.

Wanna know why on Earth I’m sending snail mail letters in a digital world? Because personal connections are so important. In all aspects of business. Thus, most of my working buddies are also my buddies in real life. Like Nelli or Mia. Work hard, play hard is just more fun with friends.


So why Yndlingsting?

Let me ask you something in return. When was the last time you’ve listened to your gut?

That little voice telling you what to do. The funny feeling you get when you should stay away because you'll burn your fingers. That moment when either everything insides you expands and gets all excited. Like "Goose bums alert". Or when everything in your tummy contracts and your hands get all sweaty. Yuck!

Hands Up, if you haven’t talked to your gut in years! (Side note: Mine’s up!). That’s because fear and the need for certainty kept you company. And it’s about time to let go! Time to be you.

And that’s what Yndlingsting is about.

Whatever you do/ choose/ buy/ decide/ like. It has to be your favourite thing in the world. Something you choose with your whole heart.

I’m not here to sell you more stuff. You already have all the things you need. I’m here to challenge your thinking. Here to bring creativity, inspiration and gut feeling back into your life.

Thanks for reading. For being you.

Love always,

Nele signature