Well, Hello, There!

My name is Nele and I am a dreamer.

I believe in the power of energy, movement and change. Everything around and inside of us is constantly changing. Tomorrow is different from today. And our actions today will affect the future. I have a passion for value or vision boards and love working with them as they reflect what we are dreaming of or wishing for and eventually will lead us to a life we love.

I'm native German, born in a small town just outside of Hamburg, but have been living in Denmark since 2010. Yes, I do have a "real education" as I'm a MA in Corporate Communication and have been working with marketing, communication and PR for many years.

But then I quit my job to start on my own with my brand YNDLINGSTING (to be translated as "Favourite Thing") in 2013.

Movement and diversity has turned Yndlingsting into this energetic and creative playground it is today. Or as I like to call it a Design & Thinking Atelier based on the principles of slow living.

I always wanted my business to be a space with no limitations or boundaries. But whatever I am working with, SLOW LIVING is the foundation of all my work. And for me, SLOW LIVING is based on four cornerstones.


Say it out loud

Listen to your body and soul. We're constantly influenced by so many things (in good and bad ways) so it can be quite hard at times to figure out what's important to us personally. So take a step back, listen to your body and soul and make decisions based on what is important to you.

All you need is less

Personally something I think we should apply to all aspects in life. But with regard to products, we should choose less but better. Shop less but make better choices. Only buy products that you love, not the first thing that comes along.

Shop Small

Support independant designers and craftmakers by buying from local and smaller businesses in your home town or region.

Go Green

Support eco-friendly, organic and sustainable brands. Thus, all our products are handmade of eco-friendly material.