YNDletter #2

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YNDletter #2 Gut feeling Not God feeling Or Gutes Feeling (Yup, that’s a bad joke for my German YNDsider. So, let’s get serious) I had a totally different YNDletter #2 in mind three weeks ago. But then life happened and … Read More

YNDletter #1

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YNDletter #1 I created YNDSIDER’s because I had enough. Enough of that there wasn’t a platform allowing me to be me. Allowing me to complain. To Fail. To speak my truth. With my own voice. To say things the way … Read More

Personal Practices Towards Success

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My Personal Practices Towards Success If you’re looking for a Step-by-Step Guide on “How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Overnight”, this blog post isn’t for you. Why? Because I don’t believe “overnight success”. I’m here for the long run. I … Read More

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