YNDletter #6

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YNDletter #6 Halfway through Or Is This Just The Beginning? As I made this month’s graphic for the YNDletter #6, I just realised that we’re halfway through. I know I know I know, the first YNDletter aired in March but … Read More

Yndletter #5

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YNDletter #5 Reset Your Brain I don’t know when I first got the idea of sending the YNDletter 5 as a postal letter. But got real, when I stumbled upon this old postcard from 1914, which I bought on a … Read More

YNDletter #4

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YNDletter #4 Is saying No! the same as saying Yes!? Can we still commit to something in this fast moving world or is it all about competition and winning against one another? Do you know this awkward feeling when you’re … Read More

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