I want real connections with real people. That’s what I’m looking for when working with my Clients & Buddies. Human-To-Human interactions. Yes, I do social media activities but my heart beats for “old-school” marketing. For building value-based relationships. For long-term goals. Not the quick-fixes and fast money. 

I’ve worked for PR and advertising agencies in Hamburg (Germany) before I moved to Aarhus (Denmark).

Now, I’m helping Scandinavian brands to market themselves on the German market. 
And I’m helping German brands to get the latest news and hottest trends from Scandinavia.


Content-Marketing & Copywriting

I create and distribute valuable and relevant content for your audience in order to build customer relations and consumer experiences. To make your audience fall in fall with your brand and to create brand awareness. I helped brands like ADURO with website content and Max René Watches with email newsletter and social media posts. From 750 DKK

House / Apartment Tours

With my team I visit outstanding Scandinavian homes and apartments. We are trendspotting the latest trends, interior design ideas and DIY’s from the North and deliver the story incl. pictures to magazines like COUCH. From 10.000 DKK

PR Activities

Based on your input, I design your storyline, write the content and distribute your information to various media sources such as newspapers and magazines in Denmark and Germany. I’ve done so successfully in magazines like Alt for Damerne, Jyllands Posten, COUCH, Walden, VILLA. From 750 DKK

Marketing Activities & Strategy

Branding and Marketing can be very overwhelming. I'm happy to help you finding out which marketing activities and strategies to implement and where to start in order to market your company or product.

Translation, Proofreading and Editing

Danish // German // English from 1,50 DKK per word. Min. 500 words.


All prices are excl. 25% VAT and subject to change.