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Module #2: Finding Your Purpose

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In Module #2 of the (he)art of running your business, you’ll learn:

why knowing your purpose is essential for your business

one surprising way to find your purpose

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The (he)art of running your business

Finding Your Purpose

Purpose is such a huge word. Intimidating. Like you have to save the world. All By Yourself. The Oxford Dictionary defines purpose as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. In other words. Your purpose is the answer to why you do what you’re doing. And this is important because “people don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it” - Simon Sinek

And since you’re running a business, paying custom- ers is what you want and need. Or else you can call the whole show off.

One Surprising Way To Find Your Purpose

If you’ve been around for a little longer, you know that I’m a bit cuckoo when it comes to everything astrology and the power of the universe.

For 1.) the universe always got your back. And 2.) when things aren’t working out, there’s always a planet (like mercury being retrograde at the moment), a moon or zodiac to blame. And yes, sometimes this helps.

Now, I’m not gonna get all bananas on your birth chart. I’m not an astrologer. But I personally used this one surprising method to get clear on my purpose. Numerology.

Module 2: Finding Your Purpose

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In Module #2: Finding Your Purpose, you'll learn:

 why knowing your purpose is essential for your business

 one surprising way to find your purpose

I’ll show you how to use numerology to find your (business) purpose or the answer to why you do what you do. And because people don’t buy what you do but why you do it, the answer really is a make or break factor for your business.

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