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Module #1: Defining Your Values

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In Module #1 of the (he)art of running your business, you’ll learn:

what makes you feel strong and energized

when you’re living by values

when you let energy suckers in

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The (he)art of running your business

Why Knowing Your Values Is Essential For You

Ever experienced clenching your jaw, indecisiveness, anxiety, doubt, self-doubt, inviting the wrong people into your space, feeling you’re wasting your time, sleepless nights? I can wholeheartedly say YES! to all of them. Every time I’m not living by my values, one of the above will creep into my bloodstream. Your actions, ideas and thoughts are based on your values. Before you can move in any direction, you need know where you’re coming from. And you can move much faster and without constantly looking for validation from the outside, if you know who you are.

Why Knowing Your Values Is Essential For Your Business

Recent studies show that over 60% of consumers now identify themselves as belief-driven buyers. Choosing brands that mirror their own personal values. Willing to ditch, yes even boycott you, based on the stand you’re taking. Or the lack of such. And it no longer is one market or one group. It spans all ages, all incomes, all markets.

Your customers and employees have decided to sit down and dig deep a good long while ago. They’re crystal clear on what’s important in their lives. What they’re standing for. What change in the world they want to see. And where they expect you as a brand to raise your voice.

If you’re not ready to show up with love and care, don’t expect your customers to love and care about you. If you can’t name your values, don’t count on your employees to live into them. If you still believe “money makes the world go ‘round” is what motivates people, don’t be surprised, if your team members swipe left and turn ‘round.

These people are looking for a long-lasting love story. And if they find out that you’re not the real deal. Someone who talks the talk but isn’t willing to walk the talk. They leave. Or worse. Don’t even consider you in the first place.

Module 1: Defining Your Values

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In Module #1: Defining Your Values. Feeling Strong + Energized you'll learn:

what makes you feel strong and energized

when you’re living by values

when you let energy suckers in

I’ll guide you through the process of defining your values. Now, before you roll your eyes... I know that defining your values can be somewhat of a dry cookie. You need a lot of milk to get it down and into your system.

If you’ve worked with me before, you know: Not here. If you’re new, know: I do things differently and will make sure that this cookie is a lava brownie with melted chocolate inside.

Module #1: Defining Your Values. Feeling Energized+Strong is part of the (he)art of running your business program. Get all the details and everything you need to know about it here. Click here to join the program incl. all 12 self-study modules.

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