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Module #3: It’s All About You

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In Module #3 of the (he)art of running your business, you’ll learn:

how to use this New Moon energy to activate your unique brand voice

how to optimise your ABOUT page

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The (he)art of running your business

I Take Action

Never has a New Moon been more needed than this one today. New Moons mark new beginnings. And with everything that’s happening outside of our control at the moment. A fresh start might be what we all need right now.

It's the New Moon in Aries. The first sign in the astrological cycle. The No. 1 of the zodiacs. And this sign is all about being authentic. To express itself freely and without judgement.

The zodiac that’s all about being confident in its own skin. Accepting its own personality. The zodiac that takes action. Is energetic. Ready to make important changes in life.

I am moving through life with confidence and courage

Since we have the New Moon in Aries today. Let’s bring to life what we’ve learned in Module #1 and #2. Let’s make Module #3 about you. And turn it into a tangible outcome. Your ABOUT page.

Your ABOUT page is (most likely) the second most viewed page on your site. So you wanna make it count. Most users will leave your site after less than 10 sec- onds. To be brutally honest. It takes them less than a second to make up their mind. If you’re lucky and you pass that magic one second, they spend about 6 seconds on your written content. Ouch!

Remember what I said in Module #2. Over 60% of consumers choose brands that mirror their own personal values. Brands with a clear value and purpose proposition. So let’s use this New Moon energy to express your brand voice in the most authentic way.

Module #3: About You

Module #4 unlocks April 25th

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In Module #3: It's All About You, you'll learn:

how to activate your unique brand voice

how to optimise your ABOUT page

I’ll show you how to use this New Moon energy to express your brand voice in the most authentic way. To tweak your ABOUT page and let your unique personality take centre stage with confidence and courage.

Module #3: It's All About You is part of the (he)art of running your business program. Get all the details and everything you need to know about it here. Click here to join the program incl. all 12 self-study modules.

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