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Hitting Backspace – Getting Words On Paper

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1.500,00 DKK

If you’re interested in getting the skills for getting words on paper, drop me a line info@yndlingsting.dk




While visiting my forever-favourite vestjyde Nelli, I attended Kvinde&Karriere’s Formiddagsfokus - Bøger og E-bøger.

Just because. I didn’t came to sell anything. I just came. To be. Me.

Whenever I’m at Nelli’s, I’m like her older bonus daughter. Whether I like it or not (and I’m loving it), I’m part of the extended family. Meeting all the uncles, moms, dads, neighbours (is that a West Coast thing by the way?!?). Going to all the meetings.

By the end of the meeting, Nelli ask me to share some of my inside knowledge when it comes to writing.

I write. A lot. Like a L O T.

Content. Copy. Letters. eLetters (also known as emails). yndletters (those are my fav). Turns out, I might have a tool or two that were very helpful.

Now, I’m a get-shit-done practitioner. I move at rocket speed. ‘Cause for me, it’s all about building momentum while I’m at it. And since the request popped up to make a workshop, I put together this 4-hour workshop for you.

Called Hitting Backspace: Getting Words On Paper.

So let’s dive right into what you’re about to learn.

Lesson #1

White Canvas 101 -

When you have nothing to write about and no one to read it

Lesson #2

I’m sorry. I’m the one talking -

How to find your unique voice, tone and style

Lesson #3

Time is clicking -

Stop wasting your time and start making them click

By the end of the day, you should be crystal clear on:

  • what to write about
  • whom to write to
  • writing in your own style and voice
  • how to make them click

Please note:

All written material (if provided) will be in English.

Workshops are usually taught in Danish, English or German. Limited seats. Max. 15 people.