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the (he)art of running your business

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A year-long guide turning running your business into (he)artwork not hard work.

My secret toolbox incl. 12 self-study modules to “OMG I need this” customers, projects that give me butterflies instead of Brechreiz* and personal growth – while staying true to myself and getting paid for being me.

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The (he)art of running your business

How It Works

  • The (he)art of running your business includes 12 self-study modules.
  • Each module contains tools, exercises and/or ideas designed to connect head+heart of your business.
  • New modules will be released once a month. Check the release calendar for dates.
  • You will get an email once the module has been published.
  • All modules are downloadable PDF's. You will find them in the download area of your account.
  • You can start anytime (if you e.g. start in March, you'll find the previous modules in your account).
  • Get 50% off all masterclasses during the year (cancelled due to COVID-19)
Module 1: Defining Your Values.
Module 1: Defining Your Values

Module #1: Defining Your Values

Recent studies show that over 60% of consumers now identify themselves as belief-driven buyers. Choosing brands that mirror their own personal values. Willing to ditch, yes even boycott you, based on the stand you’re taking. They’re crystal clear on what they’re standing for. What change in the world they want to see. And where they expect you as a brand to raise your voice.

They are looking for a long-lasting love story. And if they find out that you’re not the real deal. Someone who talks the talk but isn’t willing to walk the talk. They leave. Or worse. Don’t even consider you in the first place.

In Module #1 we identify your values and build a strong foundation for your life+business. Click here to get Module #1

Module 2: Finding Your Purpose

Module #2: Finding Your Purpose

Purpose is such a huge word. Intimidating. Like you have to save the world. All By Yourself. (especially, since you’ve told me that my customers are gonna ditch me, if I’m not raising my (brand) voice. Thanks, Nele!)

The Oxford Dictionary defines purpose as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. In other words. Your purpose is the answer to why you do what you’re doing. And this is important because “people don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it” - Simon Sinek

And since you’re running a business, paying custom- ers is what you want and need. Or else you can call the whole show off. Click here to get Module #2

Module #3: About You

Module #3: It’s All About You

Since we have the New Moon in Aries today. Let’s bring to life what we’ve learned in Module #1 and #2. Let’s make Module #3 about you. And turn it into a tangible outcome. Your ABOUT page.

Your ABOUT page is (most likely) the second most viewed page on your site. So you wanna make it count. Most users will leave your site after less than 10 sec- onds. To be brutally honest. It takes them less than a second to make up their mind. If you’re lucky and you pass that magic one second, they spend about 6 seconds on your written content. Ouch!

So let’s use this New Moon energy to express your brand voice in the most authentic way. Click here to get Module #3


If Excel sheets, business plans and SWOT analysis are your thing. If you believe in a "you-at-work vs. you-at-home" philosophy. Or that vulnerability equals weakness. If you believe running a business is all about your product/service and never about you or the people you serve. If you always look at what your competitors do and never within. If truth, honesty and (occasionally) strong language offends you.

RUN for cover. This is NOT for you. You and I have nothing in common. And you will not be happy with this program.

But if you're just a little bit like me and believe that there's something bigger than us. That we need more companies, who connect from the heart and not from the head. That digging deep is scary but necessary. If you're a bit cuckoo, like to learn and embrace new ideas that might challenge you. If you're a mind and body mover. You've come the right place. So click that sign up button right now.

Also, if you feel you're stuck in the first pattern but really want to leave that "Alexa-Siri-mindset" behind and turn into a soul-of-sunshine human being. Jump on board. It's gonna be extra challenging for you. I'm not gonna lie. But you took the first step and we need more people like you. You're courageous. And I would be honoured having you on board.

It means I deliver the tools/content. You do the study for yourself. No additional coaching or mentoring included.

The best time is always now. Don't think twice. Do it before you're ready! You can join anytime.

Just be aware of the release dates for the next module. You will not have access until they've been released.

That I cannot promise. But here's what I know for sure:

A. It only works, if you're working.

B. If you have a "I know this already" mindset. You'll never learn anything new.

C. Don't expect different results, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

D. Past comfort is where change happens.

On the release date, you'll get notified by mail. Next, go to your account (you create that account during checkout) and login in order to download the content.

Content is available for 12 months or as long as your subscription is active/ hasn't expired/ isn't on hold/ hasn't been cancelled. Save the files on your computer to get the most out of it.

Module #4 unlocks 25th April

Wanna be the first to know?

Unless you hear otherwise, modules will be uploaded on the following dates.

You'll find the PDF in the download section of your account.

Module Date
Module #1 January 24th
Module #2 February 23rd
Module #3 March 24th
Module #4 April 25th
Module #5 May 22nd
Module #6 June 21st
Module #7 July 20th
Module #8 August 19th
Module #9 September 17th
Module #10 October 16th
Module #11 November 15th
Module #12 December 14th

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