Summer Fling Or Do You Have Keeper Potential?

Summer Fling Or Do You Have Keeper Potential?

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Do You Have Keeper Potential?

Those sweet summer vibes. Refreshing like a bittersweet Aperol Spritz. A summer fling here and there. You know, nothing serious. No strings attached. Exciting but superficial. Ego-boosting. Flattering. Yes. But let’s be honest: He’s not really your type.


It’s fun though. As long as you play by the (unwritten) rules: no talk about feelings, no talk about future, no introduction to fam and friends. He probably turns out to be total jerk. And once summer’s over, romance’s over. And you feel a bit hangover. A bit heartbroken. Having this bad taste in your mouth. Like you had one too many Aperol Spritz. Like you wasted your time. ’Cause let’s be honest: What you’re really looking for is l o v e.


Where you show up with commitment and courage. With your beliefs and values. With all your weirdness, wilderness and superpowers. Willing to give your whole heart. Ready to step into a relationship where both sides feel mutually seen and valued.

As the saying goes: You attract what you are, not what you want

So, you sit down. You dig deep. Feel all the feels. Also the ones that you don’t want to feel. Think all the thoughts. Also the ones that you don’t want to think. You remove all the s*** that’s of no use anymore. Plant love in your heart. ‘Cause that’s what your yoga teacher told you, right? You want love? Be love.

So you are l o v e. And all of the sudden, you no longer have time for or interest in someone who isn’t ready to go the distance.


Your relationships with your customers and employees are no different from any other

You want your crew loving you? You know, devoted employees who stick around? Loyal customers who buy your products although your competitor’s products are both cheaper and better? Motivated team members who work together and with you instead of against you?

Nodding your head, thinking “Yes! Yes! Yes! I want all of that!”?


Then I suggest you stop being a fling and start acting like you have keeper potential

Because it really starts with you. Your commitment. Your courage. Your beliefs. Your values. Your willingness to show all your weirdness, wilderness and superpowers. Your willingness to give your whole heart.


If you’re not ready to show up with love and care, don’t expect your customers to love and care about you. If you can’t name your values, don’t count on your employees to live into them. If you still believe “money makes the world go ‘round” is what motivates people, don’t be surprised, if your team members swipe left and turn ‘round.


These people are looking for a long-lasting love story. And if they find out that you’re not the real deal. Someone who talks the talk but isn’t willing to walk the talk. They leave. Or worse. Don’t even consider you in the first place.


The majority of buyers are willing to ditch you, if you aren't taking a stand

Recent studies show that over 60% of consumers now identify themselves as belief-driven buyers. Choosing brands that mirror their own personal values. Willing to ditch, yes even boycott you, based on the stand you’re taking. Or the lack of such. And it no longer is one market or one group. It spans all ages, all incomes, all markets.

Your customers and employees have decided to sit down and dig deep a good long while ago. They’re crystal clear on what’s important in their lives. What they’re standing for. What change in the world they want to see. And where they expect you as a brand to raise your voice.


Still looking for Get-rich-quick schemes? Tools that skyrocket your sales/click rates/followers/subscribers overnight? Still thinking that occasional office cake or after-work-beer is what “taking care of your employees” looks like? Still believing skipping that scary, messy, digging deep part is an option?

Congratulations. You’re nothing but a summer fling. Attracting someone who’s looking for a flirt. Making your buyers feel a bit hangover. Leaving a bad taste in your employees’ mouths. ‘Cause they aren’t looking for a summer romance. They’re looking for happily ever after. They’re looking for l o v e.


So, instead of giving me the raised-eyebrow-look for asking this question, I suggest you sit down and answer this:

What am I?

Yours truly

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