When buying on yndlingsting.dk or ordering from Yndlingsting, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.


All prices on yndlingsting.dk are in DKK incl. VAT unless other is stated. On your order information your price will be stated incl. VAT and shipping costs. All prices are current prices. When ordering on yndlingsting.dk, you are agreeing to the Danish trade agreement. Yndlingsting reserves rights regarding spelling mistakes, prices changes and sold out products.



In order to purchase a product, you are going through the following steps.

1. Find your product and put it into the shopping cart.

2. Go to Checkout and fill in your personal information.

3. Choose a delivery and payment form.

4. Accept the T&C. Afterwards you are receiving an order confirmation per e-mail.



Yndlingsting uses Stripe, when paying with your credit card. Additional fees might occur depending on your country and valuta.


Shipping costs for physical products

Denmark30 DKK for orders under 500 DKK
FREE for orders above 500 DKK
3-14 days
EU30 DKK for orders under 500 DKK
FREE for orders above 500 DKK
3-14 days
Iceland, Norway, Switzerland (customers from these countries shop tax-free)100 DKK for orders under 1000 DKK
FREE for orders above 1000 DKK
3-14 days



Parcels are usually shipped with Post Danmark or GLS. All orders above 1.000 DKK are sent with a track and trace number so that you can follow your shipment. Orders below 1.000 DKK are sent without track and trace number.

For shipping outside the EU

Customers outside the EU can shop tax-free. The taxes are deducted when entering your adress information on the checkout page. However, additional taxes and customs duty may be charged and must be paid by the customer.


Damage during shipping

When picking up or receiving your order, you always have to check if there are any visible damages on the packaging (e.g. has it been opened). This can be sign for that your order might be damaged. If the packaging is damaged, you have to write it on the delivery note or you can choose to refuse receiving the parcel.

Please inform Yndlingsting ASAP, if you are refusing receiving or if your parcel is damagedand take a picture of the damage.

Damage during shipping needs to be reported no later than 2 weekdays.

Please keep the packaging in case of further investigation.


Right of return for physical products

At Yndlingsting you have 14 days right of return valid from the day you are receving your order and in case of a valid receipt.

If you are making use of your right of return, send an e-mail to info@yndlingsting.dk or call 0045 26 90 26 22. It has to be stated clearly in your conversation that you are making use of your right of return. You can also use the returnform, which you can find here or in the link on your order confirmation.

You can NOT make use of your right to return by just refusing receiving.

If you regret your purchase, you have to return your order in substantially same condition and in the same amount as it has been when you first received it. Your order has to be in original and unbroken packaging including your receipt. We are not receiving parcel sent by Cash on delivery or not sent directly to us. When we have received your order and accepted your right of return, the money will be returned to your bank account. You have no right of return, if we can verify that the product has been stored, used or treated in an unappropriated way that reduces the value of the product essentially. Fees will not be returned.

NOTE: You are paying for shipping when making use of your right of return! Remember proper packaging.

Yndlingsting can not be made responsible for changes in fee, mistakes in pricing or correction errors, technical mistakes, sold out products and force majeure among this working conflicts and defects, delays of deliveries from suppliers and sub-suppliers.


Complain and return of physical products

At Yndlingsting you have 24 months of right to claim, valid from the day you are receiving your order. The right of claim includes manufacturing defects and defectes in material when using the product under normal circumstances. You need to make use of your right to claim within an appropriate amount of time after you have noticed the defect. It is expected that you are following the instructions that come with the product. The right to claim does not cover mistakes, defects or wear, being directly or indirectly caused by wrong usage, low maintenance, no maintenance at all, violence or unauthorised intervention. The product can be returned for reparation, exchange or crediting (only after agreement). We don’t receive parcels that are send by cash on delivery or that are not send directly to our adress.

NOTE: If you are returning your order, you have to pay the shipping costs. If your claim of return has been approved, we will return your delivery costs to your bank account.

If your claim has not been approved, you have to pay the shipping costs for both returning the product and for sending it back to you. Remember to send the product in prober packaging! We are only receving return order after agreement!!

Contact us here, if you want to return or claim:


c/o Nele Sienknecht

Maren Smeds Gyde 4
8000 Aarhus C
mail: info@yndlingsting.dk
tlf.: 26 90 26 22 (mandag – fredag kl. 10:00- 16:00)

You cannot return your order by refusing it. If you want to claim or return, you need to add your order confirmation, a copy of our conversation as well as your bank account details in order for us to return your money, if we accept your claim.


Right of return for digital products and workshops

All digital products, workshops and seminars are non-refundable. All sales final.

However, you do have 14 days right of return valid from the day you place your order and in case you did not click e.g. the download link and/or open your digital product(s) e.g. open your yndletter.

As soon as you open the email that contains your digital product (e.g. the yndletter) and/or click the download link provided in the email, your right of return no longer applies.



The yndletter is a monthly subscription to the monthly newsletter (digital product) called yndletter. By subscribring to the yndletter you give the authorization to charge your credit card with the amount of 79,00 DKK each month. Additional fees might occur depending on your country and valuta.

The subscription is non-refundable as the yndletter is a digital product.

There is no notice period for this subscription. You can cancel your membership anytime by sending us an e-mail to info@yndlingsting.dk



Yndlingsting.dk uses SSL making sure that your personal information is encrypted. The SSL is indicated by the lock in your browser and the https. This way your personal information are protected when sending data to us.

Sensitive information

We want to take care of your personal information as much as possible. Therefore, your personal information such as (name, e-mail, date of birth or other) remain confidential at Yndlingsting. They’ll only be used internaly and will not be shared or passed ot others.

You can find more information here and here.



Content, pictures, article, graphics and design belonging to Yndlingsting. It is not allowed to copy, transfer, send or upload our content (among other things texts, pictures, design and more) for commercial or public purposes without written permission.

In case of any digital products and material provided in workshops: You are not allowed to share, send it forward, copy, borrow or publish any content.



All information published on yndlingsting.dk, via newsletters, e-books or workshops is for educational and informational purposes only. Should you decide to act upon any information, you do so at your own risk.

Yndlingsting is not responsible for the accuracy of any information, and cannot be held liable for claims or losses of any kind. Yndlingsting reserves the right to change this policy at any given time.

Yndlingsting does not endorse or assume responsibility for any information offered by third-party websites that we might link to. We are not responsible for the comments, views, or opinions of yndlingsting.dk’s visitors. We reserve the right to remove any offensive comments and/or images.


Governing law

Yndlingsting’s terms and conditions as well as separate agreements whereby we provie you services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Denmark.