the story behind

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The (he)art of running your business

the story behind

I have this belief system that, if only we did our inner work, we could finally find back to ourselves. To others. To nature. Living a sustainable life would no longer be an "how-to-get-there-path" but ultimately the ONLY option.


But here's where it goes wrong:

When you’re heartbroken and everything falls apart. People will tell you this: “Do the inner work and you’ll attract what you’re looking for. If you want love. Be love.” Once you’re healed and everything has fallen into place. People will tell you this: “That’s because you did the inner work. Like attracts like."


It’s the most annoying thing to hear, when you’re sitting on the other side of the table. It’s the most challenging thing to hold on to, when your belief system is being tested yet another time. But here’s the thing: Whatever is true in love, is true in life. ‘Cause there’s only life. And there’s only love.


My belief system works like this: If you do the heart work, you unlock the key to whatever you wish to attract in life.


So when CEOs, CSOs, and all the other Os ask me: “Nele, how can we attract more customers? Increase sales? Get happier employees?” I tell them this: “DO THE INNER WORK!”

And that’s where things usually start getting a liiiittle complicated between me and the Os. Because in contrary to my “personal” life where everyone is nodding their heads like “Yeah, yeah, yeah. So true. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to fill your own first.”


In business, people all of the sudden turn into “but-heads” (room for interpretation here).

“But Nele, that’s way too much work and takes way too much time.”

“But Nele, you have to understand. That’s not how we use to do things here.”

“But Nele, our competitors do XYZ.”

“But Nele, our customers are like ABC.”

“But Nele, where are the numbers and how can we track this?”


Oh boy, that record is so boring to listen to. And it's a sad song they're playing. ‘Cause it shows me. People do believe there’s a difference between work and life. When truth is: There’s no such thing as work and life. There’s only life. Whatever is true in your “personal” life IS TRUE in your “corporate” life. There’s only life. And there’s only love.


Now, I have two choices.


Either keep hammering my head against the wall. Keep trying convincing all those O's who will never change


collect all my tools and make them available for creatives, leaders, business owners and game changer with the same strong desire to connect and lead from the heart.


And I asked myself: Where am I the best version of myself? Where can I make a difference and where's my heart the happiest? Well, I guess you know where this is going... click here to see my choice


Also, I came across this quote this morning. I can't find it anymore but it goes something like this: "Be the best version of yourself. Then invite others to join." In all modesty (which clearly I don't have much of), the (he)art of running my business is the best version of myself. Only the live version is better. So here's my invite to join.


We officially start January, 24th 2020 with Module #1: Be more you!

xo, nele