Why Being Self-Employed Is Important To Me

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I made a list. I wanted to know why.

Why being self-employed is so important to me.

Money is no motivation for me. At all. It never has been. I've absolutely no ambition to get rich and famous. Being in the spotlight is highly uncomfortable for me. I consider myself the most anti-social person I know. I'm not on Facebook. Hard to stay in touch with. I've been told. My inner circle is small. My time is the most precious gift I possibly can give. To anyone. So I choose wisely. But when I choose it's with my whole heart. I'm an extrovert introvert. A private person. I don't trust easily. I might talk a lot but I sure know how to keep you at distance.

And yet, I put myself out there. Out there, where I can't hide behind a larger brand or name. Out there, where criticism can hit me right into my belly. Out there where I have no control of the outcome. Out there where life's a little more unpredictable.

I listed every selfish reason coming to my mind. I wanted to see black on white.

Why are sleepless nights and unpredictable outcomes appealing to me and a monthly pay check from a 9-5 job isn't.

If our bodies by evolution make us run as soon as we sense danger, why am I putting myself into the most uncomfortable situation I could possibly imagine. Again and again. In no particular order, absolutely yndfiltered, here's what I wrote down:

why being self-employed


And then I started thinking.

About every single selfish reason I listed. And the more I thought, the more I saw. The bigger picture. That it's about creating a heart space. That it's about creating a safe space. That it's about living a holistic sustainable life. With my whole heart. Finding that perfect balance between the sun in my face & salt in my hair and getting paid for what I'm good at. Between the the mountains are calling and making a living. That's my driving force.

And then I started thinking.

About the heart space I created for myself. The safe space where I can be me. And that it's time to put my armour down and my amore up. To create space for others and their hearts. For you and your heart.

Because I was wondering.

Is it just me? Or is there're a chance you're feeling the same way, too? Are you missing it, too? That heart space. That safe space. That living a sustainable life from the inside out. And if you do, if we do, then why's that?

Maybe it's because we're living in a one-size-fits-all-society. Squeezing and dividing our lives into 8-hour schedules. 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of life.

As if we could separate the one from the other. As if life only happens before 9 and after 5 o'clock. As if my professional skills only are available for 8 hours in a given time frame from Monday to Friday. Apparently never on the weekends. Apparently because that's when the space between my left and right ear is a dead desert island. As if my body only needs 8 hours of sleep during a workweek when my brain is on peak performance.

Maybe it's because we believe sustainability is something that solely has to do with how we treat Mother Earth.

As if we could sustain our natural resources when we've forgotten how to sustain what's inside of us. What we're made of. What's below our surface. As if we could take care of others without taking care of ourselves first. As if wearing a fitness tracker watch and walking to the coffee machine (because watch says "time to move") to fuel our body with another cup of black gold (that we already had enough of) counts as "taking care of our body".


Leaders of today! Your job is not to tell your people what to do and when to do it. Your job is to create a heart space. 'Cause it's time to let our guards down. To make space. For my heart. For your heart. You have to be part of it. You have to be in that space, too. To make that heart space a safe space.


Leaders of today! Your job is not to create more one-size-fits-all systems. Your job is to create a safe space. Where your people can find that perfect balance. For their body. And their mind. And their soul.


Leaders of today! Your job is to not to manage your people. Your job is to inspire your people. To live a holistic sustainable lifestyle. To hold on to what's inside of them. To set that free. To become the best version of themselves. Whatever that version looks like. To take care of themselves. So that they can take care of others and our planet. 'Cause we only have this one body. And we only have this one life. On this one planet.


Love always,


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