Yndletter #5

Yndletter #5

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YNDletter #5

Reset Your Brain

I don’t know when I first got the idea of sending the YNDletter 5 as a postal letter. But got real, when I stumbled upon this old postcard from 1914, which I bought on a flea market in Hamburg 10 years ago. And I thought: It actually would be a fun little thing to do. Sending out real letters. Again.

I asked my Instagram-people: “Should the YNDletter be an actual postal letter?” 60% said: “No, I’m a digital native.” Of course, they did. They’re Instagram-people. Some even said: “Nele, you’re so old-fashioned. We can’t go back to handwriting and postal letters.” But you know what? My business, my rules. I don’t have to play by the rules and in fact: Behind this little postcard from 1914 there’s a lesson to learn. For me and maybe for you, too.

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