How can you separate being you from being you-the-business? Being professional from being private? Sometimes you can't, especially when you ARE your brand. And the longer I'm in business, the more I'm wondering: Should I even draw that line? It's like separating your left from right foot. They're individuals, yet belong together. So I started YNDSIDERs, an exclusive membership taking you behind my business. 'Cause it's not always blues skies and sunshine. And then there're all those people having an opinion about how you should run your business. But not here. My YNDSIDER Gang is getting me Raw & YNDfiltered. Celebrating Failure & The Liberation of Complaining.

So, your newsletter is costing money?


But, it's just a newsletter!

No. It's more than that. It's not just another email filling your inbox. It's an actual letter sent by post. Delivered by your postman. Yes, the postman. The one you haven't seen for years because everything is digital. Everyone can fill your inbox. But who's filling your letterbox? I do.


Nice To Know

  • Being an YNDSIDER costs 6,99 €/ month
  • You receive a real YNDLETTER by post once a month
  • Press "Join YNDSIDERs" to be the next
  • A pop-up opens where you have to enter your payment details
  • After the succesful payment you will receive a registration email
  • Finish your registration
  • Enjoy immediate access to YNDSIDERs and all YNDLETTERs
  • YNDSIDERs can be cancelled any time